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Sensitive and accurate determination of neurotransmitters from in vivo rat brain microdialysate of Parkinson's disease using in situ ultrasound-assisted derivatization dispersive liquid–liquid
In situ UA-DDLLME coupled with UHPLC-MS/MS analysis was demonstrated to be a promising method for sensitive, accurate and simultaneous monitoring of AANTs and MANTs in rat brain and baicalein in rat blood.
Study of a new derivatizing reagent that improves the analysis of amino acids by HPLC with fluorescence detection: application to hydrolyzed rape bee pollen
The method established here allowed the development of a highly sensitive and specific method for the quantitative analysis of trace levels of amino acids including (Cys)2 and Try from bee-collected pollen (bee pollen) samples.
Analysis of primary aromatic amines using precolumn derivatization by HPLC fluorescence detection and online MS identification.
Preliminary experiments with wastewater samples collected from the waterspout of a paper mill and its nearby soil where pollution with aromatic amines may be expected show that the PPIA method is highly validated with little interference in the chromatogram.
Development of an Efficient HPLC Fluorescence Detection Method for Brassinolide by Ultrasonic-Assisted Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction Coupled with Derivatization
A novel hyphenated technique based on ultrasonic-assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction (UA-DLLME) coupled with derivatization has been established for the determination of brassinolide
Determination of Free Fatty Acids from Soil and Bryophyte by High-performance Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrum (HPLC/MS) with Fluorescence Detection
A novel fluorescence reagent 1,2-benzo-3,4-dihydrocarbazole-9-ethyl-toluene-4-sulfonate (BDBETS) was synthesized, and using which as pre-column derivatization reagent, 19 fatty acids were derivatized
Determination of Free Fatty Acids in Bryophyte Plants and Soil by HPLC with Fluorescence Detection and Identification by Online MS
A method for the determination of long and short chain free fatty acids (FFAs), using 1-[2-(p-toluenesulfonate)-ethyl]-2-phenylimidazole-[4,5-f]-9,10-phenanthrene (TSPP) as labeling reagent, has been