Xiaming Liu

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The phosphoprotein phosphatases are emerging as important androgen receptor (AR) regulators in prostate cancer (PCa). We reported previously that the protein phosphatase 1 catalytic subunit (PP1α) can enhance AR activity by dephosphorylating a site in the AR hinge region (Ser650) and thereby decrease AR nuclear export. In this study we show that PP1α(More)
Castration resistance is a major obstacle to hormonal therapy for prostate cancer patients. Although androgen independence of prostate cancer growth is a known contributing factor to endocrine resistance, the mechanism of androgen receptor deregulation in endocrine resistance is still poorly understood. Herein, the CAMK2N1 was shown to contribute to the(More)
Foreign direct investment has been important in China’s economic development since the early 1980s. In recent years the volume of inward FDI into China, according to some estimates, has been second only to that into the United States. The Chinese government has emphasised the need for FDI to be coupled with the transfer of more advanced technologies to(More)
The existing empirical literature on foreign direct investment (FDI) entry strategies tends to allow a binary choice between wholly owned enterprises (WOEs) and equity joint ventures (EJVs) or between greenfield investment and acquisition only. The current study establishes a multinomial logit model for the choice from all four FDI entry modes in China.(More)
Although well characterized as a transcriptional activator that drives prostate cancer (PCa) growth, androgen receptor (AR) can function as a transcriptional repressor, and high-level androgens can suppress PCa proliferation. The molecular basis for this repression activity remains to be determined. Genes required for DNA replication are highly enriched(More)
It is the conventional wisdom that productivity spillovers from home based to foreign owned firms occur only in the economies of developed countries. This paper argues that there are exceptions to the conventional wisdom. Given the importance of indigenous knowledge in productivity enhancement, spillovers could occur from domestically owned to foreign owned(More)
This paper provides microfoundations for dual economy models. First, the patterns of production and population growth in the traditional agricultural sector are examined. This shows the connection between long-run per capita income and subsistence wages. Second, it proves the existence of surplus labour and defines two types of surplus labour. Third, it(More)
CX43 plays a critical role in tumor progression. Previous studies imply that AR pathway may be involved in regulation of CX43. This study was focused on determining the relationship between AR pathway and CX43. The result showed that the expression of CX43 in malignant cells was higher than that in normal cells, and in nonmalignant and malignant cells, not(More)