Xialing Ulrich

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PURPOSE The development of a reliable clinical technique for quantitative measurements of the parameters defining the BOLD effect, i.e., oxygen extraction fraction (OEF), and deoxygenated cerebral blood volume, dCBV, is needed to study brain function in health and disease. Herein we propose such a technique that is based on a widely available gradient(More)
Investigating brain tissue T2* relaxation properties in vivo can potentially guide the uncovering of neuropathology in psychiatric illness, which is traditionally examined post mortem. We use an MRI-based Gradient Echo Plural Contrast Imaging (GEPCI) technique that produces inherently co-registered images allowing quantitative assessment of tissue cellular(More)
We report on the dynamical and statistical behavior of flowing collections of granular chains confined two-dimensionally (2D) within a rotating tumbler. Experiments are conducted with systems of chains of fixed length, but various lengths are considered. The dynamics are punctuated by cascades of chains along a free-surface cascades, which drive the(More)
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