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For the original DTC-SVM methods, torque would decrease in steady state which could deteriorate the system performance. To fix this problem, the paper proposed a modified DTC-SVM method by introducing additional speed feedback. In the proposed strategy, the prediction of stator flux is divided into two parts which can make PI controller work more effective.(More)
In order to meet the application of OPC for process control, a set of OPC server interface software is designed with OPC specification in this paper. This software organizes the device data as OPC standard data for other equipments which also support the OPC standard, and it successfully solves the communication between different equipment manufacturers.(More)
In this paper, a global-state-space visual servoing scheme is proposed for uncalibrated model-independent robotic manipulation. The scheme is based on robust Kalman filtering (KF), in conjunction with Elman neural network (ENN) learning techniques. The global map relationship between the vision space and the robotic workspace is learned using an ENN. This(More)
This paper deals with the problem of dynamic motion planning in an unknown environment, where the workspace is cluttered with moving obstacles and robots. First, we give the principle of hybrid velocity obstacles, the definition of the preferred velocity and the collision-avoidance behavior. Second, we give new rules for the size regulation of obstacles and(More)
Multi-phase motors are nowadays considered for high-power variable-speed drive applications due to numerous advantages that they offer when compared to their three-phase counterparts. Multi-phase voltage source inverters are invariably used to provide multi-phase variable voltage and variable frequency with appropriate pulse width modulation (PWM) control.(More)
The satellite power system is an important piece of the satellite system; targeting on the problems of complex fault mechanisms and uncertainty between fault type and fault symptoms, the method of Bayesian network fault diagnosis in the satellite power system has been raised. In the learning process of Bayesian network structure, this algorithm adopts(More)
Stereo matching is widely using for 3D reconstruction, which aims to obtain corresponding locations between pairs of stereo images. In this paper we present a robust neural aggregation method for matching correspondences in stereoscopic color image. A data structure disparity space image (DSI) was firstly introduced for development of a local-based matching(More)
This paper presents a general method to obtain real-time finger force for a three fingered dexterous hand in the process of operation task. On the basis of analyzing the kinetic model, the specific algorithm of the optimal contact force is proposed. The key of the algorithm shows that direction of the force is handled off line and the magnitude on line(More)