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Human visual perception determines the evaluation results of imaging system. This paper presents a nonlinear contrast resolution enhancement based on human vision system (HVS) characteristics. As human visual system has the characteristics of space and time threshold, the tool of gray flattening is used to analyze the gray scale distribution of low-light(More)
A novel methods of a single image quality assessment (S-IQA) and the best quality image (BQI) creation was proposed. This method integrates visual perception parameters of human vision system (HVS) to construct S-IQA method. Use of bi-disturbance transformation (DT) method gets the BQI from an original image whose quality is not good enough.
This paper introduces the design of the autonomous tracing intelligent vehicle. The software and hardware design method which realizes the autonomous tracing using the infrared reflective photoelectric sensors as the path recognition module is researched. The system employs Freescale HCS series 16 bit single-chip microcomputer MC9SDG128 as its main(More)
This paper presented a kind of body fluid density sensor based on the shear horizontal surface acoustic wave (SH- SAW) generated and detected by interdigital transducers (IDT). When the body fluid comes in contact with the delay path in a SH-SAW device, the viscous coupling action will effect on the wave propagation. Consequently the frequency, phase and(More)
The retrieval using single feature has a certain limitation, which fails to comprehensively describe an image. Aiming at such retrieval defect, this paper proposes an image retrieval method integrating color and texture. Firstly, carry out image segmentation with uniformly-spaced method, and then extract color feature of each segmentation with weighting(More)
The biochemistry analyzer has been widely used to quantitative measuring and analyzing various biologic and chemical elements of human body fluid in clinic. In this paper, a kind of semiautomated biochemistry analyzer based on C8051Fxxx single chip microcomputer is presented. The analyzer employed the photoelectric measurement method and the end-point(More)
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