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Two Indica hybrid rice of Shanyou63 (A) and Shanyou22 (B), two glutinous landraces of Huanghenuo (C) and Zinuo (D) and three improved Japonica rice of Hexi41 (E), Chujing12 (F) and 8126 (G) were selected and their genetic resistance relationship was estimated using resistance gene analogue (RGA). The results showed that there were similar genetic(More)
During December 2003, leaf rot was frequently observed on leaves of pak choy and Chinese mustard in Xishuangbanna district of Yunnnan Province, China. Isolates of Rhizoctonia solani, consistently obtained from the diseased leaves, were identical to anastomosis group (AG)-1 IB based on cultural characteristics and analysis of the ITS-5.8s rDNA region. This(More)
ABSTRACT To reveal root endophytic and rhizosphere bacteria constitution of rice landraces in Yuanyang Terrace, isolation was carried out by tissue isolation method and soil dilution plate method for two landraces of Yuelianggu and Hongjiaolaojing. A total of 399 bacterial strains isolated were identified by morphological characteristics, physiological and(More)
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