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Mechanical Properties and Thermal Shock Resistance of Rhenium Coating in Iridium/Rhenium/Carbon-carbon Composites
Abstract Rhenium is a promising coating material for liquid rocket nozzles because of its extremely superior performance, such as high melting point, high temperature strength and excellent fatigueExpand
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The design of Ethernet communication between PC and DSP based on VB6.0
In this article a method of hardware constitution and software design of ethernet communication between DSP and PC is introduced, some details of network controller RTL8019A are given, and some significant properties, methods and events of Winsock contained in Visual Basic6.0 are introduced. Expand
On the Relationship between Oredressing and Environment
The negative influence of oredressing upon environment and the measures for releasing it are presented.Besides,the application of oredressing technology in environmental protection is also described.
Improved MAC Algorithm in Railway Signal Safety Communication Protocol
To improve Message Authentication Code(MAC) algorithm of ER in Railway Signal Safety Communication Protocol II(RSSP-II),an improved MAC algorithm using Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) as core algorithm and Cipher Block Chaining(CBC) as encryption and decryption method is put forward. Expand
Application of Virtual Reality Technology to the Strategic Missile Artillery
Virtual Reality technology is one of the most promising technologies. This paper discusses the application of Virtual Reality technology to the Strategic Missile Artillery.