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Methods previously for K-nearest neighbors searching usually inefficient face millions of points. We propose two efficient K-nearest neighbors searching algorithms for unorganized cloud points: parameter adjustable single axes searching algorithm and algorithm based on Morton-code of cloud points. The first algorithm uses direct way to search K-nearest(More)
Automatic segmentation without any user interaction is very difficult due to potentially high complexity of the scene. No wonder, most existing segmentation algorithms are based on user interactions. However, automatic segmentation in some special situations has great significance. In this paper, we introduce an automatic segmentation algorithm for frontal(More)
Superpixels are perceptually meaningful atomic regions that can effectively capture image features. We propose a novel scale adaptive supervoxel segmentation algorithm for RGB-D images, i.e., small supervoxels in content-dense regions (e.g., with high intensity or color variation) and large supervoxels in content-sparse regions. Among various methods for(More)
Propose a terrain classification algorithm from ladar data for autonomous navigation. The algorithm using multi-feature which including geometrical feature and color feature different from the classical method that based on single geometric feature. Average normal vector covariance matrix of the point and eigenvalue of the coordinate covariance matrix were(More)
Propose a road-surface abstraction algorithm which suitable for structured and semi-structured road environments. Algorithm uses fuzzy cluster method which based on maximum entropy theory to cluster ladar points that belong to a scan line. After fitting clustered data linearly, one can abstract straight lines that belong to road-surface by their location(More)
Road detection is still full of challenge for a small ground mobile robot with limited load capacity and computing resources which works in complex outdoor environment. This paper proposes a road detection method based on fuzzy support vector machine with on-line updating and retraining strategy. The algorithm extracts multi feature in image and trains a(More)
In this paper, a new method is proposed for object proposal based on saliency detection. First, a novel method is proposed to measure the global spatial compact distribution of the color components in an image. The saliency detection method proposed on the basis of Bayesian improves the estimation of prior probability and likelihood of observations by means(More)
This paper propose a road-boundary detecting algorithm by using similarity image which is formed by ladar points. The algorithm transforms 3D point cloud to 2D similarity image to compute the similarity among neighbor points and then uses iterative threshold to segment traversable area. Road-boundary is detected by Canny operator and Hough transform at(More)