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Lymphocyte-specific protein tyrosine kinase (LCK) is an important reproduction related gene. In this study, the full-length cDNA sequence of porcine LCK gene was cloned through the rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) method. The porcine LCK gene encodes a protein of 509 amino acids which shares high homology with the LCK of nine species: giant panda(More)
Inherited cardiomyopathy is the most common hereditary cardiac disease. It also causes a significant proportion of sudden cardiac deaths in young adults and athletes. So far, approximately one hundred genes have been reported to be involved in cardiomyopathies through different mechanisms. Therefore, the identification of the genetic basis and disease(More)
Among 144 carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae strains isolated from 4 hospitals in Yunnan province, 113 were identified as carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE). BlaKPC-2 (99/113, 87.6%) was the most common carbapenemase gene and Klebsiella pneumoniae (100/113, 88.5%) was the most common species. BlaNDM-1 (11/113, 9.7%), blaIMP-4 (10/113,(More)
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