Xia-Xia Shen

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Oral fast-dissolving drug delivery membranes (FDMs) for poorly water-soluble drugs were prepared via electrospinning technology with ibuprofen as the model drug and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) K30 as the filament-forming polymer and drug carrier. Results from differential scanning calorimetry, x-ray diffraction, and morphological observations demonstrated(More)
OBJECTIVES Novel fast-disintegrating drug delivery devices with special inner structure characteristics were designed and fabricated using Three-Dimensional Printing. METHODS Based on computer-aided design models, fast-disintegrating drug delivery devices containing loose powders were prepared automatically using the Three-Dimensional Printing system. The(More)
A drug-loaded nanofiber mesh which could achieve time-engineeringed biphasic release was fabricated through sequential electrospinning. The drug to polymer ratio of each single mesh was allocated and designed before the tri-layered meshes were created. The resultant meshes had the following construction: (i) the first drug-loaded mesh (top side), (ii) the(More)
The improving effect of electrospun drug-loaded nanofibers on the solubility of poorly water-soluble drug was investigated in the present research. Drug-loaded nanofibers were successfully prepared using electrospinning process with helicid as the poorly water-soluble model drug and polyvinylpyrrolidone K60 (PVP K60) as the filament-forming matrix. Scanning(More)
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