Xia Shi

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Noise-induced complete synchronization and frequency synchronization in coupled spiking and bursting neurons are studied firstly. The effects of noise and coupling are discussed. It is found that bursting neurons are easier to achieve firing synchronization than spiking ones, which means that bursting activities are more important for information transfer(More)
Notice: Changes introduced as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing and formatting may not be reflected in this document. For a definitive version of this work, please refer to the published source: Abstract Digital human modeling (DHM), as a convenient and cost-effective tool, is increasingly incorporated into product and workplace design.(More)
The influence of nitrogen (N) deficiency on tolerance mechanisms in seedlings of two maize hybrids (Xu178 × Huang-C and Xu178 × Zong3) and their parental inbred lines (Xu178, Huang-C and Zong3), which show different nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), was investigated using physiological measurements combined with global proteomics profiling. The root fresh(More)
Fibrosis in ventricular system has a role in hydrocephalus following intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH). The cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) has been reported to participate in alleviating the fibrosis process of many diseases. However, its role in fibrosis after IVH was unclear so far, and we hypothesized that CB2 activation has potential to attenuate(More)
The miR396 and growth-regulating factor (GRF) regulatory network is evolutionarily conserved among plant species. The orthologous GRF genes in rice were involved in regulating grain development, and targeted by miR396. However, there are still no more information about the involvement of miR396 and GRF genes in maize grain. In this article, RNA sequencing(More)
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