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In the framework of the EU funded project TC-STAR (Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation), research on TTS aims on providing a synthesized voice sounding like the source speaker speaking the target language. To progress in this direction, research is focused on naturalness, intelligibility, expressivity and voice conversion both, in the(More)
A highly dispersible and stable nanocomposite of Cu(tpa)-GO (Cu(tpa) = copper terephthalate metal-organic framework, GO = graphene oxide) was prepared through a simple ultrasonication method. The morphology and structure of the obtained composite were characterized via scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), UV-vis,(More)
This paper depicts a contrastive study on tonal patterns of monosyllables and disyllabic words between Standard Chinese (SC) and three regional accented Chinese(RAC): Shanghai, Xiamen and Taiwan. It is found that for mid level accent speakers, tonal contours of the third tone syllable uttered in isolation or at the final position of a prosodic constituent(More)
In order to improve its stability and catalytic rate in flour, the immobilization of glucose oxidase (GOX) was investigated in this work. The enzyme was encapsulated in calcium alginate-chitosan microspheres (CACM) using an emulsification-internal gelation-GOX adsorption-chitosan coating method. The interaction between alginate and chitosan was confirmed by(More)
We demonstrated that pretreatment with chromium (Cr) significantly alters inflammatory responses of mice or macrophage cell lines. The mice were pretreated with 50 and 200 mg L(-1) of Cr dissolved in drinking water for 7 or 21 d, respectively. Then, the mice were challenged with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or saline for 3 h. The body and liver weights(More)
The bipolar plate is an important and integral part of the proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and PEM fuel cell stacks. Currently bipolar plates represent more than 80% by weight and 40% by cost of the fuel cell stack. Traditional materials used for bipolar plates are primarily graphite and metal. Search for alternative materials to improve weight and(More)
Synthetic pyrethroids (SPs) are commonly used insecticides that have been detected in mammals, including humans, indicating a potential threat to human health. Bifenthrin (BF), as well as other pyrethroids, has been shown to possess neurotoxic, reproductive, hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic potential in mammals. However, studies regarding the immunotoxicity of(More)
Bifenthrin (BF) is an important synthetic pyrethroid. Previous studies have demonstrated that cis-BF exhibits toxic effects on development, the neurological, reproductive and endocrine system. In this study, we evaluated the immunotoxicity caused by cis-BF in adolescent male C57BL/6 mice. Mice were exposed orally to 0, 5, 10, and 20 mg/kg/d for 3 weeks. The(More)
For wireless sensor networks (WSNs) distinguished by dynamic topology always has large number of nodes, the node's address management is a challenge issue in many WSNs application systems. Based on the basic principle of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol over IPv6 (DHCPv6), a novel scheme of address allocation and management for large-scale WSNs is(More)