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Determination of the Lignan Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside from Flaxseed (Linum Usitatissimum L.) by HPLC
Abstract A high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) technique coupled with photodiode array (PDA) detection was developed for determining secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) in extracts of
Determination of Luteolin and Quercetin in the Capsule of Lamiophlomis Rotata (Benth.) Kudo by HPLC Coupled with Weighted Least Squares Linear Regression
Abstract A simple, rapid and accurate high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) technique was developed for the simultaneous determination of luteolin and quercetin in the capsule of
Effect of Ionic Liquids as Additives on the Separation of Bases and Amino Acids in HPLC
Abstract In this paper, four bases, including cytosine, thymine, adenine, 6‐chlorouracil and four amino acids, including L‐histidine, L‐tyrosine, L‐phenylalanine, and DL‐tryptophane, were separated
Novel Sesquiterpenes from Ligularia virgaurea spp. oligocephala
Two novel sesquiterpene dimers, ligularin A (1) and ligulolide D (2), and one new sesquiterpenoid, 1b,10a-dihydroxy-6b-[(2-methylpropyl)oxy]furanoeremophil-9-one (3), as well as two known
Terpenoids from the Flower of Cacalia Tangutica
A thorough investigation of Cacalia tangutica (Franch.) Hand-Mazz afforded two new epimeric eremophilane sesquiterpenoids, 7β- H-3α-angeloyloxy-9-ene-11,12-epoxy-8-oxoeremophilane (1) and
Separation and determination of coumarins from Cacalia tangutica by capillary zone electrophoresis.
The contents of the three active constituents in the flower of Cacalia tangutica were successfully determined within 6 min under the optimum conditions chosen and the dissociation constants for three coumarins were also determined by CE.
[Xanthone glycosides from Tibetan herb Halenia elliptica].
The active xanthone glycosides in Halenia elliptica were isolated and identified by column chromatography, semi-preparative high performance liquid chromatography and related techniques.
Chemical Components from Gentiana aristata
Two new, highly oxygenated ursane‐type triterpenoids with an epidioxy function, compounds 1 and 2, as well as a new stanside‐derived iridoid, compound 10, were isolated from the EtOH extract of
Bothriodumin, a shikonin derivative from Bothriospermum secundum Maxim.
A novel shikonin derivative, named bothriodumin was isolated from the alcoholic extract of the whole plant of Bothriospermum secundum Maxim. And its structure was characterized on the basis of