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Link-layer fairness models that have been proposed for wireline and packet cellular networks cannot be generalized for shared channel wireless networks because of the unique characteristics of the wireless channel, such as location-dependent contention, inherent conflict between optimizing channel utilization and achieving fairness, and the absence of any(More)
Bioinformatics is an emerging and rapidly evolving discipline. The bioinformatics literature is growing exponentially. This paper aims to provide an integrated bibliometric study of the knowledge base of Chinese research community, based on the bibliometric information in the field of bioinformatics from SCI-Expanded database during the period of 2000–2005.(More)
This paper uses scale-independent indicators to explore the Chinese national and regional innovation systems during economic transition. Our perception of an innovation system is frequently informed by conventional indicators based on linear assumptions while actually innovation systems may behave differently. Scale-independent indicators characterize(More)
Ad hoc networks have been proposed for a variety of applications where support for real time, multimedia services may be necessary. This requires that the network is able to offer quality of service (QoS) appropriate for the latency and throughput bounds needed to meet the real time constraint. An important component for QoS provisioning is resource(More)