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Microstructures and Interfacial Resistance of LSM-SDC Composite Cathodes for IT-SOFCs
Microstructures, interfacial resistances, and activation energy of the symmetrical composite cathodes [50wt%(La0.85Sr0.15)0.9MnO3-δ(LSM)+50wt% Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.90] were studied for intermediateExpand
Determination of trace tin in fly ash by catalytic reducing decolorization spectrophotometry
Trace Sn(Ⅱ) catalyzes decolorization reaction of rhodamine-B (RhB) by reducing with NaH 2PO 2 in 0.05 mol/L H 3PO 4 solution and its catalytic extent is liner to the contents of Sn(Ⅱ).Based on thisExpand
Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Composite Cathodes Consisting of Nanostructured LSM and SDC Particles
Composites with nanostructured electrocatalyst or electrolyte particles usually exhibit highly electrochemical activity as cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells(SOFCs).In thisExpand
Study on new technology and characterization of toner prepared by the suspension copolymerization method
The process and performance of toner prepared by the modified suspension copolymerization method in comparison with the conventional meltmixing pulverization method products has been studied.TheExpand
Al-rich part phase relation in Al-Mg-Sc system at 430 ℃
Phase relation of the aluminium magnesium scandium system in the Al rich range at 430 ℃ was investigated by means of multiphase diffusion couples along with electron probe microanalysis, X rayExpand
Study on Process of Griding Magnetitewith Stirring Mill
The process of grinding magnetite with stirring mill is studied.The effect of the main operation parameters on grinding efficiency is tested.The results show that the particle size of magnetite canExpand
The dynamics characteristics of Cr(Ⅵ) adsorption from aqueous solution at different experimental conditions under static conditions with carbon black slurry, which is generated as a waste material inExpand
Studies on the treatment of toxic phenols wastewater in coke plant with fly ash treated by acid
A coal fly ash based coagulant combining the capabilities of both physical adsorption and chemical coagulation has been prepared treated by adding a small amount of pyrite slag and an appropriateExpand
Determination of Trace Mercury in Fly Ash by Catalytic Spectrophotometry
Trace Hg(Ⅱ)catalyzes chromogenic reaction of 4,7 diphenyl 1, 10 phenanthroline (BPT) with K 4[Fe(CN) 6] in a weak acid medium(pH 3.5 HOAc NaOAc buffer) has been studied. The addition of thiourea canExpand
Catalytic Spectrophotometric Determinationof Trace Cobalt(II) in Coal Gangue
Trace Co(Ⅱ)catalyzes fading reaction of morin oxidized by hydrogen peroxide in the medium of NaB4O7-NaOH buffer of pH 10.0, and its fading extent is linearly related to the concentration of Co(Ⅱ). AExpand