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Infrasound is a sound wave with vibration frequency of less than 20 Hz, characterized by a longer wavelength, weak attenuating and strong penetration power, etc. Since the inherent frequencies of the human body and the organs are within infrasound vibration range, so infrasound has a stronger effect on the human body. The study found that the process of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate a possible mechanism responsible for anti-apoptotic effects of melatonin and provide theoretical evidences for clinical therapy. METHODS Ischemia-reperfusion mediated neuronal cell injury model was constructed in cerebellar granule neurons (CGNs) by deprivation of glucose, serum and oxygen in media. After ischemia, melatonin was(More)
Through the energy input model of lifting-thrusting and rotating manipulations, using the theory of energy density, energy flux density and sound intensity level in physics, the average energy flux intensity and frequency distributions of average poynting's vector were calculated respectively within the range of infrasound. According to the distribution(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the MRI findings in ten patients of spinal epidural angiolipoma for differentiated diagnosis presurgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten surgically proved cases of spinal epidural angiolipomas were retrospectively reviewed, and the lesion was classified according to the MR findings. RESULTS Ten tumors were located in the superior (n =(More)
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