Xi-jing Wang

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AIM To investigate the inhibitory effect of small interfering RNA (siRNA) on the expression of survivin in pancreatic cancer cell line PC-2 and the role of siRNA in inducing PC-2 cell apoptosis and enhancing its radiosensitivity. METHODS A siRNA plasmid expression vector against survivin was constructed and transfected into PC-2 cells with Lipofectamine(More)
AIM To study the growth inhibitory and apoptotic effects of Scutellaria barbata D.Don (S. barbata) and to determine the underlying mechanism of its antitumor activity in mouse liver cancer cell line H22. METHODS Proliferation of H22 cells was examined by MTT assay. Cellular morphology of PC-2 cells was observed under fluorescence microscope and(More)
AIM To investigate the role of cyclin D1, p16 and retinoblastoma in cancerous process of gallbladder carcinomas and to assess the relation between cyclin D1, p16, Rb and the biological characteristics of gallbladder carcinoma. METHODS Forty-one gallbladder carcinoma, 7 gallbladder adenoma and 14 chronic cholecystitis specimens were immunohistochemically(More)
In the present study, we investigated the in vitro and in vivo antitumor effects of crude extract of Scutellaria Barbate (CE-SB) on mouse hepatoma H22 cells. The MTT assay was used to determine the growth inhibition of H22 cells in vitro. The in vivo therapeutic effects of CE-SB were determined using H22 tumor bearing mice. Besides, the body weight, tumor(More)
BACKGROUND The exact mechanism of the effects of hypoxia on the proliferation and apoptosis in carcinoma cells is still conflicting. This study investigated the variation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α(HIF-1α) expression and the apoptosis effect of hypoxia stimulated by cobalt chloride (CoCl(2)) in pancreatic cancer PC-2 cells. METHODS PC-2 cells were(More)
AIM To determine the survival of advanced pancreatic cancer patients treated with intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) combined with external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) following internal drainage (cholecystojejunostomy or choledochojejunostomy). METHODS Eighty-one patients with advanced pancreatic cancer who received IORT combined with EBRT following(More)
BACKGROUND MiR-34a dysregulation has been implicated in tumorigenesis and progression of gastric cancer, but its role in prognosis of patients with gastric cancer remains unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the expression and prognostic significance of miR-34a in gastric cancer patients after radical gastrectomy. METHODS Quantitative(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Matrine, an alkaloid purified from the chinese herb Sophora flavescens Ait, is well known to possess activities including anti-inflammation, anti-fibrotic and anticancer. In this study, the mechanism of matrine inducing the apoptosis of gastric carcinoma cells was investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS Proliferation of SGC-7901 cells was(More)
Previous studies have suggested that estrogen receptor-β (ESR2) rs1256049 polymorphism is associated with the susceptibility of cancer. However, the results are inconsistent. We performed a meta-analysis to evaluate the association between the rs1256049 polymorphism and cancer risk. PubMed, ISI Web of Knowledge, and Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure(More)
Programmed death-1 (PD-1) is crucial in cancer and is well characterized as a negative T-cell regulator that functions by delivering inhibitory signals. We aimed to evaluate the relationship between PD-1 polymorphisms (rs10204525, rs2227982, and rs7421861) and breast cancer risk.We selected 560 breast cancer patients and 583 age-, sex-, and(More)