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Wikstroemia indica was the common shrub with medicine use in subtropical and tropical zones. The studies on the biological and physiological characteristics, population dynamics, biomass, nutrient composition of Wikstroemia indica showed that Wikstroemia indica was widely dispersed over hilly lands and opened forests. It was heliophytes and grew well on(More)
Employing Granierś probes, this paper measured the sap flow of 14 sample trees in an Acacia mangium forest on the Heshan hilly lands of Guangdong Province, and recorded the photosynthetic active radiation (PAR), air relative humidity (RH) , and air temperature (T) above the forest canopy. The whole-tree transpiration (E), stand transpiration (Et), and mean(More)
Mining activities usually cause catastrophic and extensive environmental changes, and eventually cause major damages to the whole ecosystem. The natural restoration for mine lands and tailings is a very slow process, and even can hardly reach their original states. Therefore, how to develop rapid and efficient approaches to accelerate restoration of mined(More)
In this study, potted C. burmannii saplings were cultured in a top-closed chamber with elevated CO2 (+ CO2, 731 micromol x mol(-1)) and ambient CO2(CO2, 365 micromol x mol(-1)), and at diurnal temperature (day/night) 25/23 degrees C and 32/25 degrees C, respectively. The gas exchange, calculated photosynthesis parameter, Rubisco content, and activated state(More)
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