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This paper concerns a generalized equation defined by a closed multifunction between Banach spaces, and we employ variational analysis techniques to provide sufficient and/or necessary conditions for a generalized equation to have the metric subregularity (i.e., local error bounds for the concerned multifunction) in general Banach spaces. Following the(More)
We first consider subsmoothness for a function family and provide formulas of the subdifferential of the pointwise supremum of a family of subsmooth functions. Next, we consider subsmooth infinite and semi-infinite optimization problems. In particular, we provide several dual and primal characterizations for a point to be a sharp minimum or a weak sharp(More)
The role of the olivocochlear bundle (OCB) in modulating noise-induced permanent injury to the auditory periphery was studied by completely sectioning the OCB fibers in chinchillas and exposing the animals while awake to a broad-band noise at 105 dB SPL for 6 h. Outer hair cell (OHC) function was assessed by measuring 2f1-f2 distortion product otoacoustic(More)
Several notions of constraint qualifications are generalized from the setting of convex inequality systems to that of convex generalized equations. This is done and investigated in terms of the coderivatives and the normal cones, and thereby we provide some characterizations for convex generalized equations to have the metric subregularity. As applications,(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine the role of the olivocochlear system in auditory processing by examining the long-term effects of cochlear de-efferentation on auditory nerve response properties in adult chinchillas. Spontaneous rates, response thresholds, tuning curves, discharge rate-level functions, and adaptation of single auditory nerve(More)
Previous work has shown that the cochlear efferent system may play a role in protecting the ear from noise-induced temporary threshold shifts (TTS) following exposures to a single tone or series of moderate-level noises ('toughening'). However, whether the olivocochlear bundle (OCB) is important in decreasing noise-induced permanent threshold shifts (PTS)(More)
Using variational analysis techniques, we study subsmooth multifunctions in Banach spaces. In terms of the normal cones and coderivatives, we provide some characterizations for such multifunctions to be calm. Sharper results are obtained for Asplund spaces. We also present some exact formulas of the modulus of the calmness. As applications, we provide some(More)