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Acute gastric volvulus is an infrequent entity. Management is surgical. Diagnosis frequently is delayed because of the non-specific nature of presenting symptoms. The authors report a case of acute gastric volvulus diagnosed by computed tomography in a 92 year old woman that was confirmed at surgery. The pathophysiology, classification and different(More)
The introduction of new array detector technology for multislice CT improves CT-scan capabilities. Compared to single-slice helical CT, this technique offers three significant advantages: the pitch can be increased by a factor of 4, resulting in shorter acquisition times and contrast media saving, the temporal and spatial resolution are improved and the(More)
PURPOSE To determine the influence of 4 independent parameters on signal intensity and density measurements after injection of an arthrography-specific form of gadoterate meglumine and an iodinated contrast material for combined MR and CT arthrography. The parameters included: 1) variations of gadolinium and iodinated contrast agents within the mixture, 2)(More)
When laparoscopic nephrectomy is performed, the limited visibility of many anatomical structures requires additional pre-operative information. However, most of this information can be highlighted by Multislice-CT which depicts all the vascular structures while providing an essential road mapping for the surgeon. Besides underlining arterial abnormalities,(More)
Transforming growth factor beta 1(TGF-β1) polymorphism was associated with radiation pneumonitis (RP) susceptibility, but their results have been inconsistent. The PubMed and CNKI were searched for case-control studies published up to Januray 01, 2016 was Data were extracted and pooled odds ratios (OR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI) were calculated. In(More)
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