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Patients with Parkinson's disease have symptom of walking disorders which can be alleviated by surgery. By evaluating gait kinematics, the effect of medical treatment can be quantitatively assessed. In this paper, a method using image markers based on rigid body was introduced to set markers on anatomy key points of human lower limbs, which efficiently(More)
To reduce pre-bond and post-bond test cost for 3D IP (Three Dimensional Intellectual Property) cores, this paper proposed a test wrapper optimization technique using BFD(Best Fit Decreasing) and GA (Genetic Algorithm) algorithm under the constraints of TSVs(Through Silicon Vias) number, the proposed technique firstly used BFD to balance the length of(More)
Aiming in the data interoperation such as access and sharing of heterogeneous spatial data in distributed system, grid technology was brought into spatial information service, and a complete architecture of spatial data interoperability in Grid environment was proposed. We analyzed and designed spatial data management, access and interoperability in the(More)