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As online document collections continue to expand, both on the Web and in proprietary environments, the need for duplicate detection becomes more critical. Few users wish to retrieve search results consisting of sets of duplicate documents, whether identical duplicates or close matches. Our goal in this work is to investigate the phenomenon and determine(More)
1All authors: Department of Radiology, Anzhen Hospital, Capital University of Medical Sciences, Anzhenli, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, P. R. China. Address correspondence to Z. M. Fan (maxiaohai@263.net). ntimointimal intussusception is an unusual type of acute aortic dissection, with fewer than 15 cases reported in the English-language literature(More)
This paper describes how an online directory of expert witnesses was created from jury verdict and settlement documents using text mining techniques. We have created an expert witness directory that contains over 100,000 expert profiles, based on approximately 300,000 jury verdict and settlement documents, publicly available professional license(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the changes of the corneal thickness and endothelial cell for youth myopia patients fitted with long-term orthokeratology (Ortho-K, OK). METHODS Retrospective case series study. During 2000 to 2005, 30 patients with OK lens wearing more than seven years in the Bei Yi Optometry & Ophthalmology Center had been chose in this study, and(More)
Medical terms occur across a wide variety of legal, medical, and news corpora. Documents containing these terms are of particular interest to legal professionals operating in such fields as medical malpractice, personal injury, and product liability. This paper describes a novel method of tagging medical terms in legal, medical, and news text that is very(More)
This paper describes using RDF/RDFS/XML to create and navigate a metadata model of relationships among entities in text. The metadata we create is roughly an order of magnitude smaller than the content being modeled, it provides the end-user with context sensitive information about the hyperlinked entities in focus. These entities at the core of the model(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the long-term clinical effects of orthokeratology (ortho-k) in high myopia children with 5 years of follow-ups. METHODS Prospective study. We chose 30 high myopia patients to wear ortho-k contact lenses (CLs) for controlling or delaying myopia progression from 2003. Among them, there were 10 boys and 20 girls whose average age was(More)
The prevalence of myopia in Chinese children has been rising each year. Research has shown that orthokeratology is a good method for controlling the progression of myopia. In this article, we review the current prevalence of myopia, the development and management of orthokeratology, and the myopia control methods used in China. A physical and health survey(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the change of teenagers with short-time and long-time orthokeratology discontinuation, including diopters, corneal curvature, corneal topography, axial length, and central corneal thickness, and to investigate the refractive correction methods after long-time orthokeratology discontinuation. METHODS Retrospective study. A total of 141(More)
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