Xi Quan Yang

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In this paper we discuss key architecture and design considerations associated with the development of a control plane capable of dynamic provisioning in this heterogeneous multi-domain, multi-layer, multi-service hybrid network environment . We present a framework for addressing the heterogeneous nature of the hybrid networks via the development of a(More)
In this paper we describe a framework for internetworking heterogeneous high-performance networks. We believe GMPLS and Web services will be the proper technologies in such internetworking while the latter will be more widely accepted. We describe Web services for multi-layer, multi-domain topology description and advertisement, routing, path computation,(More)
Science and technology literature retrieval system is commonly used by researchers as document retrieval tools. The classic information retrieval models such as Boolean Model [1], Vector Space Model and Probabilistic model neglect the position of query words in every paper. We propose a weighted term frequency model (WTFM) based on term frequency, and(More)
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