Xi Ning Wang

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Unlike most other experimental models of congestive heart failure, the volume overload model induced by aortocaval shunt (AVS) in rats was found to exhibit enhanced beta-adrenoceptor (beta-AR) signaling. To study whether the adenylyl cyclase (AC)-G protein system is involved in such a change, we examined cardiac AC activity and protein content as well as(More)
—Business agility is of vital importance to chemical and petroleum industry, especially in rapid response to diagnose and exchange of real-time information and other relevant data sources. From IT perspective, emerging delivery models such as cloud computing offer the possibility to build the elastic infrastructure and flexible computing platform, thus(More)
Online health communities (OHCs) have become a major source of social support for people with health problems. It has been shown that getting engaged in an OHC and interacting online with peers are beneficial to community members. This research studied members' engagement in OHCs from the perspective of social support. Using a case study of an OHC among(More)
In contrast to Western economies, it has been decades since China experienced what could be described as a recession. Rather, China's economy is subject to growth rate fluctuation, or yearly changes in a consistently positive growth rate. We investigate the impact of economic growth rate fluctuation on the dividend policy of Chinese listed firms. We find(More)