Xi Ning Wang

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Plants flower in response to many varied cues, such as temperature, photoperiod, and age. The floral transition of Cardamine flexuosa, a herbaceous biennial-to-perennial plant, requires exposure to cold temperature, a treatment known as vernalization. C. flexuosa younger than 5 weeks old are not fully responsive to cold treatment. We demonstrate that the(More)
We introduce a hybrid technique that combines the robustness of frequency-resolved coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) with the advantages of time-resolved CARS spectroscopy. Instantaneous coherent broadband excitation of several characteristic molecular vibrations and the subsequent probing of these vibrations by an optimally shaped time-delayed(More)
—Business agility is of vital importance to chemical and petroleum industry, especially in rapid response to diagnose and exchange of real-time information and other relevant data sources. From IT perspective, emerging delivery models such as cloud computing offer the possibility to build the elastic infrastructure and flexible computing platform, thus(More)
The correct distribution and activity of secreted signaling proteins called morphogens is required for many developmental processes. Nodal morphogens play critical roles in embryonic axis formation in many organisms. Models proposed to generate the Nodal gradient include diffusivity, ligand processing, and a temporal activation window. But how the Nodal(More)
Composition, antioxidant capacities and cell inhibition properties of curcumin-free turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) oils from different sources were evaluated by chromatographic method, two different in vitro antioxidative activity assays (DPPH* free radical scavenging assay and reducing power assay) and two different cancer cell lines (Caco-2 and MCF-7).(More)
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