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The problem of guaranteed cost control for a class of networked control systems possessing uncertainties, network delays, and packet dropouts is solved in this paper. By means of introducing an auxiliary variable, a newly coupled, switched system model is derived first. Then, based on a predictive network control scheme, the conditions for guaranteed(More)
This correspondence considers the stability problem for a class of linear switched systems with time-varying delay in the sense of Hurwitz convex combination. The bound of derivative of the time-varying delay can be an unknown constant. It is concluded that the stability result for linear switched systems still holds for such systems with time-varying delay(More)
This paper studies an exponential stability problem for a class of time-varying delay systems with large delay period. The time-varying delay is interval-range. Although large delay period (LDP) is often present in practical control systems, the problems of stability analysis for such systems have been unsolved to date. In this paper, a new method based on(More)