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A new long-tailed pterosaur, Wukongopterus lii gen. et sp. nov, is described based on an almost complete skeleton (IVPP V15113) representing an individual with an estimated wing span of 730 mm. The specimen was discovered in strata that possibly represent the Daohugou Bed (or Daohugou Formation) at Linglongta, Jianchang, Liaoning Province, China.(More)
Two almost complete long-tailed pterosaurs from the Linglongta, Jianchang County, western Liaoning, China, are described and represent new taxa referred to the non-pterodactyloid clade Wukongopteridae. Kunpengopterus sinensis gen. et sp. nov. differs from other members of this clade mainly by the rounded posterior region of the skull, thick lacrimal process(More)
The soft tissue preserved in the holotype (IVPP V12705) of Jeholopterus ningchengensis from the Daohugou Bed (Late Jurassic or Early Cretaceous) of China is described in detail. The plagiopatagium can be divided into the distal, comparatively more rigid actinopagatium and a proximal, more tensile tenopatagium. The actinopatagium extends from the wing finger(More)
—Multimedia encoders typically generate symbols having a wide range of legitimate values. In practical mobile wireless scenarios, the transmission of these symbols is required to be bandwidth efficient and error resilient, motivating both source coding and channel coding. However, separate source and channel coding (SSCC) schemes are typically unable to(More)
BACKGROUND The pterosaur record is generally poor, with little information about their populations, and pterosaur eggs are even rarer, with only four isolated and flattened eggs found to date. RESULTS We report here a population of a new sexually dimorphic pterosaur species (Hamipterus tianshanensis gen. et sp. nov.), with five exceptionally(More)
Objective To examine the association of glucose fluctuation and oxidative stress in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) across different phases. Methods Children treated for T1DM at Beijing Children's hospital from 2010 to 2013 were enrolled and divided EQUALLY into three study groups including newly diagnosed children (Group A, acute metabolic(More)
Aims. To determine whether multiple daily injections (MDIs) or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) contributes to better glucose control in children with different type 1 diabetes duration. Methods. Subjects were grouped according to early (≤1 year after disease onset; 1A) or late (1-3 years after onset; 2A) MDIs/CSII treatment initiation.(More)
High-dimensional (HD) NMR spectra have poorer digital resolution than low-dimensional (LD) spectra, for a fixed amount of experiment time. This has led to "reduced-dimensionality" strategies, in which several LD projections of the HD NMR spectrum are acquired, each with higher digital resolution; an approximate HD spectrum is then inferred by some means. We(More)
A novel algorithm, bases on the adaptive resonance theory (ART), is proposed to design the structure of radial basis function (RBF) neural networks in this paper. Based on the concept of “similarity”, this proposed ART-like algorithm can be utilized to construct the RBF neural network. The number of the hidden nodes is able to be adjusted in(More)