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Air Pollution and Control in Different Areas of China
Air pollution resulting from the combustion of fossil fuel is an environmental topic receiving global attention. In China, rapid economic development followed the economic reforms of 1978, especiallyExpand
Activated carbon based selective purification of medical grade NO starting from arc discharge method
Abstract Four activated carbons were tested under normal temperature and pressure to selectively adsorb nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from medical nitric oxide (NO) formed by arc discharge. The samples’Expand
Experimental and mechanism studies on the catalytic reduction of SO2 by CO over Fe2O3/γ-Al2O3 in the presence of H2O
The present research explored experimental and mechanism studies on the catalytic reduction of SO2 by carbon monoxide (CO) over Fe2O3/γ-Al2O3 to elemental sulfur in the presence of H2O. The varietiesExpand
Design and implementation of digital television over ethernet PON transmission system
The scheme of digital television over Ethernet PON, the method of using static VLAN and IGMP snooping mechanism to implement statistical multiplexing on Ethernet layer, and the concept of IP Conditional Access System are proposed and defined. Expand
A novel implement of RTP over EPON
A new implementation of Real-time transport protocol with its control protocol (RTCP) which enables the real-time delivery of continuous and interactive media over an emerging access network -Ethernet passive optical networks. Expand
Influence of Plasma Temperature on the Concentration of NO Produced by Pulsed Arc Discharge
This study conducted experiments on producing inhaled medical nitric oxide (iNO) by pulsed arc discharge in dry and clean air under different discharge current. The concentration of NO and NO2Expand
A novel IPTV program multiplex access system to EPON
A novel IPTV program multiplex access system to EPON is proposed, which enables multiple IP TV program source servers to seamlessly access to IPTV service access port of optical line terminal (OLT) in EPON. Expand
Anti-resonant reflecting photonic crystal vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Anti-resonant reflecting photonic crystal structure is employed in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) to achieve photon confinement in lateral direction. Such a design is promising inExpand