Xi-Jin Zhang

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Pixel disparity—the offset of corresponding pixels between left and right views—is a crucial parameter in stereoscopic three-dimensional (S3D) video, as it determines the depth perceived by the human visual system (HVS). Unsuitable pixel disparity distribution throughout an S3D video may lead to visual discomfort. We present a unified and extensible(More)
In this paper, we proposed a multi-task system that can identify dish types, food ingredients, and cooking methods from food images with deep convolutional neural networks. We built up a dataset of 360 classes of different foods with at least 500 images for each class. To reduce the noises of the data, which was collected from the Internet, outlier images(More)
The ability to query and process very large, terabytescale datasets has become a key step in many scientific and engineering applications. In this paper, we describe the application of two middleware frameworks in an integrated fashion to provide a scalable and efficient system for execution of seismic data analysis on large datasets in a distributed(More)
The relaxation rates of iron-oxide nanoparticles compamnentalized within cells were studied and found to satisfy predictions of static dephasing (SD) regime theory. THP-1 cells were loaded with iron-oxide particles by incubation in cell culture. Two cellular suspension groups were prepared with iron concentration varied through changes in either the(More)
Most biological flyers undergo orderly deformation in flight, and the deformations of wings lead to complex fluid-structure interactions. In this paper, an aerodynamic-structural coupling method of flapping wing is developed based on ANSYS to simulate the flapping of flexible wing. Firstly, a three-dimensional model of the cicada’s wing is established.(More)
s of the Hans Selye Symposium on Neuroendocrinology and Stress September 13-15, 1989 Est6rel, Quebec, Canada The Hans Selye Symposia on Neuroendocrinology and Stress are held every 2-3 years and are devoted to specific topics in fields related to neuroendocrinology and stress. The symposia are organized in and around Montreal where Dr. Selye spent more than(More)
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