Xi-Guang Wei

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To probe the kinetic performance of microsolvated α-nucleophile, the G2(+)M calculations were carried out for the gas-phase S(N)2 reactions of monohydrated and dihydrated α-oxy-nucleophiles XO(-)(H2O)(n = 1,2) (X = HO, CH3O, F, Cl, Br), and α-sulfur-nucleophile, HSS(-)(H2O)(n = 1,2), toward CH3Cl. We compared the reactivities of hydrated α-nucleophiles to(More)
The anionic S(N)2 reactions at neutral nitrogen, Nu(-) + NR(2)Cl → NR(2)Nu + Cl(-) (R = H, Me; Nu = F, Cl, Br, OH, SH, SeH, NH(2), PH(2), AsH(2)) have been systematically studied computationally at the modified G2(+) level. Two reaction mechanisms, inversion and retention of configuration, have been investigated. The main purposes of this work are to(More)
The enhanced reactivity exhibited by six pseudo-alpha-bases, RC[triple bond]CZ(-) (R = H and Cl; Z = O, S, and Se) in gas-phase E2 reactions with ethyl chloride was examined at the G2(+) level. It is found that anomalous reactivity is observed despite the fact that these chalcogen bases do not possess adjacent lone-pair electrons. The influence of the(More)
The reactivity order of 12 anions toward ethyl chloride has been investigated by using the G2(+) method, and the competitive E2 and SN2 reactions are discussed and compared. The reactions studied are X(-) + CH3CH2Cl → HX + CH2═CH2 + Cl(-) and X(-) + CH3CH2Cl → CH3CH2X + Cl(-), with X = F, Cl, Br, HO, HS, HSe, NH2 PH2, AsH2, CH3, SiH3, and GeH3. Our results(More)
In this Article, we present a series of cyclometalated iridium(III) polypyridine complexes of the formula [Ir(N^C)2(N^N)](PF6) that showed dual emission under ambient conditions. The structures of the cyclometalating and diimine ligands were changed systematically to investigate the effects of the substituents on the dual-emission properties of the(More)
This paper presents an efficient detection and classification algorithm of multiple-class myocardial infarction (MI) (i.e., prior and acute), which is one of mortality diseases for humans. However, feature extraction is one of the challenges in MI classification as the extracted features may not be optimized for class separation. To this end, we propose a(More)
We have made an extensive theoretical exploration of gas-phase N-alkylamino cation affinities (NAAMCA), including amino cation affinities (AMCA) and N-dimethylamino cation affinities (NDMAMCA), of neutral main-group element hydrides of groups 15-17 and periods 2-4 in the periodic table by using the G2(+)M method. Some similarities and differences are found(More)
N-Heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) can serve as very reactive nucleophilic catalysts and exhibit strong basicity. Herein, we initiate a combined experimental and computational investigation of the NHC-catalyzed ring-closing reactions of 4-(2-formylphenoxy)but-2-enoate derivatives 1 to uncover the relationship between the counteranion of an azolium salt, the(More)
Cancer is a remarkabe disease characterized with the de-rdgulation of various genetic pathways. The identification of gene markers, some of which carry signatures to clinical relevant physiological effects, sheds light on the development of various clinical applications. A major challenge in marker gene identification is the biological and statistical(More)