Xi-Guang Wei

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In order to explore the existence of α-effect in gas-phase S(N)2@N reactions, and to compare its similarity and difference with its counterpart in S(N)2@C reactions, we have carried out a theoretical study on the reactivity of six α-oxy-Nus (FO(-), ClO(-), BrO(-), HOO(-), HSO(-), H2NO(-)) in the S(N)2 reactions toward NR2Cl (R = H, Me) and RCl (R = Me,(More)
To probe the kinetic performance of microsolvated α-nucleophile, the G2(+)M calculations were carried out for the gas-phase S(N)2 reactions of monohydrated and dihydrated α-oxy-nucleophiles XO(-)(H2O)(n = 1,2) (X = HO, CH3O, F, Cl, Br), and α-sulfur-nucleophile, HSS(-)(H2O)(n = 1,2), toward CH3Cl. We compared the reactivities of hydrated α-nucleophiles to(More)
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