Xi Feng Li

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FT-IR spectroscopy has traditionally been used to determine the degree of conversion of dental resins. FT-Raman scattering provided an alternate method of obtaining degrees of conversion for these systems and was particularly useful for measuring spectra of materials without any sample preparation. Raman and FT-Raman spectroscopy gave identical results, but(More)
We illustrate the important trade-off between far-field scattering effects, which have the potential to provide increased optical path length over broad bands, and parasitic absorption due to the excitation of localized surface plasmon resonances in metal nanoparticle arrays. Via detailed comparison of photocurrent enhancements given by Au, Ag and Al(More)
Indolyl alkaloids, Nb-acetyltryptamine (1) and the known oxaline (2) have been isolated from the organic extract of the broth of an unidentified fungus collected from the surface of the marine red alga Gracilaria verrucosa. The structure of Nb-acetyltryptamine (1) was assigned on the basis of comprehensive spectroscopic analyses.
The high-frequency method for solving the scattering from homogeneous dielectric objects with electrically large size in half space is presented in this paper. In order to consider the scattering fields of the targets in half space, the half-space physical optics method is deduced by introducing the half-space Green’s function into the conventional physical(More)
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