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Ovary rescue was employed to create six interspecific hybrids from the cross between Dendranthema morifolium (Ramat.) Kitamura ‘rm20-12’ (2n = 54) and its wild diploid relative D. nankingense (Nakai) Tzvel. (2n = 18). The morphology of the hybrids differed from that of either parent. The leaf length and width of all three D. morifolium × D. nankingense(More)
Five intergeneric hybrids between the chrysanthemum cultivar ‘Zhongshanjingui’ (as female) and Ajania przewalskii (as male) were obtained with the help of embryo culture. While ‘Zhongshanjingui’ bears a standard anemone type flower and A. przewalskii a non-anemone type one, the inflorescence type of the hybrids varied. The diameter of the hybrids’ flowers(More)
In this paper, a polyamide-modified carbon paste electrode in capillary zone electrophoresis with amperometric detection (CZE-AD) was firstly applied to the determination of four carbamate pesticides: fenobucarb, isoprocarb, metolcarb and carbaryl. The four carbamates were hydrolyzed in alkalescent aqueous solutions, resulting in the formation of(More)
The interspecific cross between Chrysanthemum × grandiflorum (Ramat.) Tzvel. ‘rm20-12’ (R, 2n = 54) and C. makinoi Matsum., and Nakai (M, 2n = 18) was achieved using embryo rescue, and a single backcross progeny using C. × grandiflorum ‘rm20-12’ as paternal parent was obtained. The morphology of the two independent F1 hybrids (MR1 and MR2) differed from(More)
Polyphenol oxidases (PPOs) catalyzing the oxygen dependent oxidation of phenols to quinones are ubiquitously distributed in plants and are assumed to be involved in plant defense against pests and pathogens. A protein with high PPO activity was identified in Satsuma mandarine, extracted with Tris-HCl buffer, purified by salt precipitation and column(More)
The inhibition of Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) in plants has been widely researched for their important roles in browning reaction. A newly found germin-like protein (GLP) with high PPO activity in Satsuma mandarine was inactivated by low-frequency high-intensity ultrasonic (20 kHz) processing. The effects of ultrasound on PPO activity and structure of GLP were(More)
In this paper, a kind of novel carbon paste electrode modified with double modifiers-polyethylene glycol (PEG) and Cu(2)O (PEG/Cu(2)O CPME) in capillary zone electrophoresis with amperometric detection (CZE-AD) was applied to simultaneously determine three sugars: glucose, sucrose, fructose and ascorbic acid (AA). The catalytic electrochemical properties of(More)
Prokaryotic cell division is a highly orchestrated process requiring the formation of a wide range of biomolecular complexes, perhaps the most important of these involving the prokaryotic tubulin homologue FtsZ, a fibre-forming GTPase. FtsZ assembles into a ring (the Z-ring) on the inner surface of the inner membrane at the site of cell division. The Z-ring(More)
Three new tmm mutants were isolated and showed differential phenotypes from tmm - 1 , and TMM overexpression led to abnormal leaf trichomes. TOO MANY MOUTH (TMM) plays a significant role in the stomatal signal transduction pathway, which involves in the regulation of stomatal distribution and patterning. Three mutants with clustered stomata were isolated(More)
The functional nano-hybrid surface containing multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) on chitosan incorporated with the cationic chitosan (C-CS), MWCNTs and silicon couple agent (KH-560) was designed and prepared. The nano-hybrid membranes (NHM) containing MWCNTs were modified by perfluorooctanesulfonyl fluoride (PFOSF). The superhydrophobic multi-functional(More)