Xeniya Kozina

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This study reports on the linear dichroism in angular-resolved photoemission from the valence band of the Heusler compounds NiTi0.9Sc0.1Sn and NiMnSb. High-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy was performed with an excitation energy of hν = 7.938  keV. The linear polarization of the photons was changed using an in-vacuum diamond phase retarder. The valence(More)
The development of new phases of matter at oxide interfaces and surfaces by extrinsic electric fields is of considerable significance both scientifically and technologically. Vanadium dioxide (VO2), a strongly correlated material, exhibits a temperature-driven metal-to-insulator transition, which is accompanied by a structural transformation from rutile(More)
A collimating polycapillary half lens, traditionally used in the medium and hard X-ray band, is operated at a photon energy of 36 eV for the first time. While the transmission still exceeds 50%, the measured and simulated spatial resolution and angular divergence approach 0.4 mm or less and at most 20 mrad, respectively. This unexpected, superior(More)
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