Xaviera García

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1. Perezone (PZN) on the in vitro intestinal smooth muscle of the rat relaxes the basal tonus of the smooth muscle, interrupts spontaneous activity and also blocks the contractile response induced by ACh, K+, and Ba2+; these actions are dose dependent. 2. Although in presence of small doses of PZN, the isometric contractile response to ACh was increased. 3.(More)
1. The effect of the aqueous extract of Cissus sicyoides (CS) on isolated guinea pig aortic rings was studied. CS contracts the smooth muscle of the aorta in a dose-response relation. 2. The extract of CS increases the norepinephrine contraction in normal calcium and in solutions without calcium. 3. Lanthanum inhibits the contraction induced by CS. 4. The(More)
The smooth muscle of thoracic aorta from guinea pig sensitized with egg albumin (EA) produced an anaphylactic contraction when it was exposed to EA. Experiments were performed to evaluate stress effects on the anaphylactic contraction in guinea pig aortic rings. Two types of stressors were used as immunosuppressor stimuli: physical restraint and shaking of(More)
Lithium chloride (LiCl) is used for treatment of viral diseases, anxiety, depressive maniac disorder and experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. Lithium has also been shown to exert an effect on elements of the immune system. The aim of this work was to study the effect of a single dose of LiCl on the anaphylactic sensitized response in vitro from guinea(More)
1. The contractions elicited in pieces of small intestine of actively immunized young chickens upon exposure to the specific antigen (Ag), or Schultz-Dale reaction, have been compared to similar responses of sensitized guinea-pig intestine. 2. Guinea-pig intestine responds, typically, with a large contraction to the first application of Ag. This is followed(More)