Xavier Zambrano

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This work aims to make a comparative analysis between two of the most used techniques for estimating voltage sags, the method of fault positions versus the Monte Carlo sampling technique. For the generation of voltage sags events, a short-circuit simulator is implemented with four stochastic input variables: fault rate, fault impedance, fault type, and(More)
A distributed system is presented for the monitoring and control of the primary variables: pressure, level and flow; for this, a wireless system is implemented at the level of sensor-actuators and at the level of controllers an Ethernet / IP network, the mentioned industrial networks are implemented based on the OSI model and TCP / IP respectively, for the(More)
This paper proposes a probabilistic method aimed at estimating the voltage sag frequency of nonmonitored sites given the number of sags recorded by a limited set of voltage sag monitors. The proposed method is based on simulating a representative database of feasible pseudomeasurements by using probabilistic values of fault coefficient, fault impedance,(More)
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