Xavier Sanchez-Loro

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Traditionally, cellular wide area networks like UMTS are used as Internet access networks for particular users but, in some cases, they can be employed to provide Internet access to other smaller networks as well. The main inconvenient is that cellular networks have not the same bandwidth than wired networks and therefore, the cellular channel becomes a(More)
Lack of flexibility of current Internet architecture led researchers to come up with new paradigms for a novel Internet architecture, which would be able to reduce complexity and increase flexibility compared to current Internet architecture. Functional composition is a promising approach to flexible and evolvable architecture design. The idea is composing(More)
In nowadays communication technologies, one of the main challenges to overcome is how to translate theoretical algorithms, designed protocols, existing hardware products from different manufacturers and the already knowhow into innovative applications that can produce a benefit for the user and for the commercializing firm. Following this topic, the present(More)
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