Xavier Rambout

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Just as reference genome sequences revolutionized human genetics, reference maps of interactome networks will be critical to fully understand genotype-phenotype relationships. Here, we describe a systematic map of ?14,000 high-quality human binary protein-protein interactions. At equal quality, this map is ?30% larger than what is available from small-scale(More)
SHIP-1 is an inositol phosphatase predominantly expressed in hematopoietic cells. Over the ten past years, SHIP-1 has been described as an important regulator of immune functions. Here, we characterize a new inhibitory function for SHIP-1 in NOD2 signaling. NOD2 is a crucial cytoplasmic bacterial sensor that activates proinflammatory and antimicrobial(More)
Control of mRNA levels, a fundamental aspect in the regulation of gene expression, is achieved through a balance between mRNA synthesis and decay. E26-related gene (Erg) proteins are canonical transcription factors whose previously described functions are confined to the control of mRNA synthesis. Here, we report that ERG also regulates gene expression by(More)
Human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1) retrovirus encodes for the Tax protein, which has a transforming capacity in vitro. Tax contains at its C-terminus a binding motif for PDZ domain-containing proteins (PSD95DLG1-ZO1). It has been shown that the C-terminal motif of Tax is involved in Tax oncogenic capacity. Ten different PDZ domain-containing(More)
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