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Contingency analysis and reaction is a critical task to be carried out by any airplane to guarantee its safe operation in a non-segregated airspace. Pilot's reactions to any kind of incidences that may occur in-flight, like engine malfunctions, loss of electrical power, hydraulic failure, unexpected weather, etc, will determine the fate of the flight.(More)
This paper describes an aircraft trajectory optimisation algorithm that is part of the time and energy managed operations (TEMO) concept, a new trajectory planning and guidance strategy for advanced four dimensional (4D) continuous decent operations. In TEMO, a trajectory is planned in such a way that the best vertical trajectory profile is computed(More)
WEMSgen is a stand-alone application developed within the Clean Sky FASTOP (Fast Optimiser for continuous descent approaches) project that is capable to load weather data in standard GRIB (General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary form) files and generate piece-wise polynomial fitting functions that can be used in a latter stage in trajectory(More)
En route speed reduction can be used for air traffic flow management (ATFM), e.g., delaying aircraft while airborne or realizing metering at an arrival fix. In previous publications, the authors identified the flight conditions that maximize the airborne delay without incurring extra fuel consumption with respect to the nominal (not delayed) flight. In this(More)
Technology evolution in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) will affect the Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance regarding to new military and civil applications. UAS, as new airspace users, will represent new challenges and opportunities to design the ATM system of the future. The goal of this future ATM network is to keep intact (or improve)(More)
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have great potential to be used in a wide variety of civil applications such as environmental applications, emergency situations, surveillance tasks and more. The development of Flight Control Systems (FCS) coupled with the availability of other Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) components is enabling the introduction of UAS into(More)