Xavier Nogués Solans

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Four new metal complexes {M = Pd(II) or Pt(II)} containing the ligand 9-aminoacridine (9AA) were prepared. The compounds were characterized by FT-IR and (1)H, (13)C, and (195)Pt NMR spectroscopies. Crystal structure of the palladium complex of formulae [Pd(9AA)(mu-Cl)](2) . 2DMF was determined by X-ray diffraction. Two 9-acridine molecules in the imine form(More)
Pd(ll) and Pt(ll) complexes of three series of Schiff thiobases derived from 2- carbonylpyridine have been synthesized and characterized. The crystal structure of the Pt(ll) derivative of methyl-3-(2-pyridylmethylene)hydrazinecarbodithioate (HFp) was resolved. The ligand coordinates the platinum ion in tridentate fashion by heterocycle and imine nitrogen(More)
  • Lourdes UrpõÂ, Katia JimeÂnez, Xavier Solans, Alfonso RodrõÂguez-GalaÂn, Jordi PuiggalõÂ
The-alanine residue of the title compound, C 5 H 8 ClNO 3 , has a ggt folded conformation, which is mainly stabilized through intermolecular NÐHÁ Á ÁO C (amide±acid) and OÐ HÁ Á ÁO C (acid±amide) hydrogen bonds. In addition, a cis conformation is found for the ClÐCH 2 ÐC(O)ÐNH torsion angle, which is associated with the presence of an intramolecular(More)
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