Xavier Nicolas

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A solution to a benchmark problem for a three-dimensional mixed convection flow in a horizontal rectangular channel heated from below and cooled from above (Poiseuille-Rayleigh-Bénard flow) is proposed. This flow is a steady thermoconvec-tive longitudinal roll flow in a large aspect ratio channel at moderate Reynolds and Rayleigh numbers (Re=50, Ra=5000)(More)
PURPOSE An inaccurate medication history may prevent the discovery of a pre-admission iatrogenic event or lead to interrupted drug therapy during hospitalization. Medication reconciliation is a process that ensures the transfer of medication information at admission to the hospital. The aims of this prospective study were to evaluate the interest in(More)
The development of sports activities promoted as a health factor should not hide the increased risk for diseases, more particularly infections. A review of articles made over the last 20 years was made with a descriptive epidemiological purpose. The most marked risk is skin infection with methicillin-resistant community acquired Staphylococcus aureus (27.4%(More)
Shigellosis, commonly known as bacillary dysentery, is an enterobacterial disease caused by the Shigella genus, which now belongs to the Escherichia tribe, because of their genetic and phenotypic similarities. S. sonnei, flexneri, boydii and dysenteriae differ in their epidemiologic and pathogenic characteristics. S. sonnei is predominant in industrialized(More)
A 24-year-old man returning from a trip to Mali was hospitalized for acute encephalitis and fever in association with acute primary infection by Schistosomiasis mansoni. Bilharziasis was suspected from the epidemiological context and presence of eosinophilia. Diagnosis was confirmed by serological testing. Specific treatment using praziquantel and(More)
OBJECTIVES Malaria is a major health priority. The aim of this study was to describe clinical expression, laboratory findings and therapeutic aspects of Plasmodium falciparum malaria observed in a French military population stationed in Gabon. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred fifty-four cases of P. falciparum malaria were observed between July 1, 1994 and(More)
Staphylococcus simulans was identified as the aetiological agent of osteitis in a diabetic woman. Its identifying characteristics and antibiogram were confirmed. Diabetic foot frequently becomes infected and the spread of infection to bone is a major causal factor behind lower-limb amputation. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential in such(More)
Skin and soft tissue infections were observed in migrants from Somalia who crossed the Gulf of Aden, crowded on a drifting boat for 14 days. Thirty-three percent of survivors of this hazardous journey had skin infections. Seven were hospitalized for severe Staphylococcus aureus cutaneous infections associated with intracellular dehydration. Migrants face(More)
The authors report a rare case of Yersinia enterocolitica O:3 pneumonia in an immunocompetent 70-year old man. There was no evidence of acute gastrointestinal disease. Diagnosis was confirmed by blood cultures. He responded with resolution of the infection after 21 days of therapy with a third-generation cephalosporin then by cotrimoxazole. Only 15 cases(More)