Xavier Neyt

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The vigilance decrement has been described as a slowing in reaction times or an increase in error rates as an effect of time-on-task during tedious monitoring tasks. This decrement has been alternatively ascribed to either withdrawal of the supervisory attentional system, due to underarousal caused by the insufficient workload, or to a decreased attentional(More)
—This paper presents an overview of the evolution of the European Remote-sensing Satellite (ERS)-2 scatterometer mission during the last 16 years, highlighting the changes in both satellite configuration and on-ground data processing algorithm. Instrument and on-ground data processor performances and evolutions are analyzed and commented; finally, future(More)
To recreate stress in laboratory conditions, the nature of the elicited physiological reactions to the presentation of mental tasks has been extensively studied. However, whether this experimental response is equivalent to real-life stress reactivity is still under debate. We investigated cardio-respiratory reactivity to a sequential protocol of different(More)
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