Xavier Molero

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There is a general assent on the key role of standards in Synthetic Biology. In two consecutive letters to this journal, suggestions on the assembly methods for the Registry of standard biological parts have been described. We fully agree with those authors on the need of a more flexible building strategy and we highlight in the present work two major(More)
Parallel simulation methods can be used to reduce the execution time of simulations of complex systems. This approach is being used to improve the execution time of a storage area network (SAN) simulator designed in our department. From our experience in planning simulation experiments, we have realized that, in most cases, a simulation experiment (group of(More)
Cache memories are widely used to improve computer performance, but their inherent unpredictability presents new problems when cached systems must be analysed. In preemptive, multitask real-time systems, the cache memories have been analysed from two complementary points of view. First, calculating the Worst Case Execution Time WCET of each task considering(More)
Parallel simulation methods can be used to reduce the execution time of the simulations of complex systems. In this context, we apply the method of the replications in parallel in order to reduce the execution time of the models. The particular technique consists of starting a fixed number of replications that are maintained in execution until a stop(More)