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AIMS To evaluate the feasibility of bacteriophages as a complementary tool for water quality assessment in surface waters from different parts of the globe. METHODS AND RESULTS Faecal coliform bacteria, enterococci, spores of sulphite-reducing clostridia, somatic coliphages, F-specific RNA bacteriophages and bacteriophages infecting Bacteroides fragilis(More)
AIMS The removal and inactivation of faecal coliform (FC) bacteria, enterococci (ENT), sulphite-reducing clostridia (SRC), somatic coliphages, F-specific RNA bacteriophages and bacteriophages infecting Bacteroides fragilis in fresh waters. METHODS AND RESULTS Removal was studied in two areas of a river. The results showed different removal of each group(More)
This research describes the psychometric properties of a new child self-report measure, the separation anxiety scale for children (SASC), which assesses the frequency of symptoms of separation anxiety in children from 8 to 11. The factor solution with a sample of 1,201 children from 8 to 11, isolated three factors, discomfort from separation, worry about(More)
INTRODUCTION Anxiety symptoms in childhood and adolescence are an important risk factor for developing anxiety disorders in subsequent development stages. This study examines the frequency and characteristics of the symptoms of the principal anxiety disorders in children and adoloscents using a self-report questionnaire based on the diagnostic categories of(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the factorial structure and psychometric properties of the Spence Children's Anxiety Scale (SCAS) in a sample of 1,708 Spanish children aged between 8 and 12 years. The SCAS was demonstrated to have satisfactory internal consistency with the Spanish sample, and factor analysis confirmed the six-factor original(More)
Using the VIRMETADEN (acronym derived from virus adsorption enumeration) method to count cytopathogenic viruses adsorbed to cellulose nitrate membrane filters from prefiltered and decontaminated sewage samples was shown to be feasible. The numbers of naturally occurring enteroviruses recovered by the VIRMETADEN method were significantly higher than those(More)
This paper reports a case of an histological non aggressive thymoma with myasthenic symptoms as the first clinical manifestation. Three years after its complete surgical resection liver metastases appeared without evidence of intrathoracic neoplastic disease. The extrathoracic metastases are uncommon and the thymomatous myasthenia gravis is present in 25 to(More)
Essential arterial hypertension, malignant hypertension and renovascular hypertension were studied in 64 patients, divided into 5 groups according to creatinine clearance (Ccreat) and ophthalmic fundus. Urine N-Acetyl-b-d-glucosaminidase (NAG) was expressed in units/mg creatinine in urine. Results were; Group A: Ccreat greater than 60, ophthalmic fundus(More)
This study describes the psychometric properties of the Children's Separation Anxiety Scale (CSAS), which assesses separation anxiety symptoms in childhood. Participants in Study 1 were 1,908 schoolchildren aged between 8 and 11. Exploratory factor analysis identified four factors: worry about separation, distress from separation, opposition to separation,(More)