Xavier Maître

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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and magnetic resonance (MR) gas velocimetry were concurrently performed to study airflow in the same model of human proximal airways. Realistic in vivo-based human airway geometry was segmented from thoracic computed tomography. The three-dimensional numerical description of the airways was used for both generation of a(More)
A family of velocity-selective pulses consisting of a series of RF hard pulses followed by bipolar gradients was designed. The succession of required pulses was deduced using a k-space approach within a small tip-angle approximation. Fourier transform of the desired velocity excitation determined the flip-angle series, and the corresponding position in the(More)
The respiratory properties of perfluorocarbons (PFC) have been widely studied for liquid ventilation in humans and animals. Several PFC were tested but their tolerance may depend on the species. Here, the effects of a single administration of liquid PFC into pig lungs were assessed and compared. Three different PFC having distinct evaporative and spreading(More)
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