Xavier Le Guezennec

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PURPOSE Tears are a particularly limited body fluid and commonly used in the diagnosis of patients who have ocular diseases. A popular method for analysis of ocular inflammation in tears uses Luminex® bead multiplex technology to generate valuable multiple cytokine profile outputs with 25-50 µl tear sample volume. We propose a method for measuring tear(More)
The use of microscopic imaging for the accurate assessment of cells in mitosis is hampered by the round morphology of mitotic cells, which renders them poorly adherent and highly susceptible to loss during the washing stage of cell-based assays. Here, to circumvent these limitations, we make use of DropArray, a recent technology that allows high retention(More)
Luminex® technology provides a powerful methodology for multiplex cytokine detection but remains constrained by high costs and a minimum of 25-50μL sample volume requirement per assay-well often hindering analysis of limited biological samples. Here we compare the results of Luminex-based cytokine multiplexing assay performed using conventional 96-well(More)
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