Xavier López-Medellín

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Information on the current processes controlling the distribution patterns of relict palm populations at the limit of their northwestern distribution in America are poorly known. We explored the importance of post-dispersal seed removal by vertebrates, recruitment, and distribution patterns of the blue fan palm, Brahea armata, in the Northern Baja(More)
In the Central Desert of northern Baja California, blue fan palm populations (Brahea armata) are found as isolated oases on mountaintops and along canyons with ephemeral flow conditions. Here, the effect of the interaction between the larva of an endemic moth, Litoprosopus bajaensis, and this endemic blue fan palm was documented for the first time. We(More)
Understanding social perceptions of rural communities is essential to construct public policy and management alternatives, not only to maintain natural ecosystems but also to deal with a changing environment due to climatic change. Because climate variability in Mexico has important socio-economic and environmental impacts, it is necessary to build(More)
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