Xavier Giró-i-Nieto

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Image retrieval in realistic scenarios targets large dynamic datasets of unlabeled images. In these cases, training or fine-tuning a model every time new images are added to the database is neither efficient nor scalable. Convolutional neural networks trained for image classification over large datasets have been proven effective feature extractors for(More)
This paper introduces an unsupervised framework to extract semantically rich features for video representation. Inspired by how the human visual system groups objects based on motion cues, we propose a deep convolutional neural network that disentangles motion, foreground and background information. The proposed architecture consists of a 3D convolutional(More)
We introduce SaltiNet, a deep neural network for scanpath prediction trained on 360-degree images. The model is based on a temporal-aware novel representation of saliency information named saliency volume. The first part of the network consists of a model trained to generate saliency volumes, whose parameters are learned by backpropagation computed from a(More)
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