Xavier Garcia-Masso

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TO DETERMINE THE EFFECTS OF A SUPERVISED STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM ON BODY COMPOSITION AND PHYSICAL CAPACITY OF OLDER WOMEN USING THREE DIFFERENT DEVICES: weight machines, elastic bands, and aquatic devices that increase drag forces (ADIDF). Four groups were formed: control group, weight machine group (WMG), elastic band group (EBG) and a group that used(More)
The concurrent validity of the OMNI-Resistance Exercise Scale (OMNI-RES) of perceived exertion for use with elastic bands was studied during isotonic resistance exercises. Twenty healthy, physically active subjects completed both familiarization and testing sessions. The criterion variables were myoelectric activity, recorded by electromyography, and heart(More)
The construct and concurrent validity of the Thera-Band Perceived Exertion Scale for Resistance Exercise with elastic bands (EB) was examined. Twenty subjects performed two separate sets of 15 repetitions of both frontal and lateral raise exercise over two sessions. The criterion variables were myoelectric activity and heart rate. One set was performed with(More)
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