Xavier-Frédéric Le Goff

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BACKGROUND The von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) gene encodes two mRNA variants. Variant 1 encodes two protein isoforms, pVHL213 and pVHL160, that have been extensively documented in the literature. Variant 2 is produced by alternative splicing of exon 2 and encodes a pVHL isoform of 172 amino acids with a theoretical molecular weight of 19 kDa (pVHL172), the(More)
A chromiumtricarbonyl-bound iridacycle displays novel catalytic virtues for the conversion of terminal aromatic alkynes into racemic N-phenyl, 1-arylethylamines by tandem hydro-amination and hydrosilation/protodesilation reactions under mild "one pot" conditions.
The new divalent thulium compound [Tm(BH(4))(2)(DME)(2)] could be prepared by reduction of [Tm(BH(4))(3)(THF)(3)] or from TmI(2) and KBH(4). It was used as a precursor to the divalent [(Tp(tBu,Me))Tm(BH(4))(THF)] by reaction with potassium tris(2-tBu-4-Me)pyrazolylborate (KTp(tBu,Me)). Both Tm(II) compounds were found active as ε-caprolactone polymerisation(More)
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