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In this work, last results of the research project " Development of an Intelligent Data Analysis System for Knowledge Management in Environmental Data Bases (DB) " are presented. The project is focussed on the design and development of a prototype for Knowledge Discovery (KD) and intelligent data analysis, and specially oriented to environmental DB. It is(More)
Arthroscopic revision of rotator cuff lesions is an increasingly popular procedure with a relatively safe profile. However, associated deep articular infection has been described, with potentially destructive joint sequelae. When occurring, it poses the double challenge of eradicating the infectious agent while preserving the articulation and its function.(More)
Hierarchical Decision Process has been applied to redesign a wastewater treatment plant to achieve phosphorus removal The Hierarchical Decision Process suggests the order in which the decisions should be taken during the development of the new process, starting with the design of the reactor due to the strong interaction with the rest of the process. The(More)
To model the normalized phase III slope (Sn) from N2 expirograms of the multibreath N2 washout is a challenge to researchers. Experimental measurements show that Sn increases with the number of breaths. Previously, we predicted Sn by setting the concentration (atm) of mixed venous blood (Fbi,N2) to a constant value of 0.3 after the fifth breath to calculate(More)
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