Xavier Ferré

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Digital library search results are usually shown as a textual list, with 10-20 items per page. Viewing several thousand search results at once on a two-dimensional display with continuous variables is a promising alternative. Since these displays can overwhelm some users, we created a simplified two-dimensional display that uses categorical and(More)
Software development organisations are paying more and more attention to the usability of their software products. To raise the usability level of the software product, it is necessary to employ usability techniques, but their use is far from straightforward since they are not, in most cases, integrated with the software engineering development processes.(More)
Software development organizations wanting to introduce usability practices into their defined software process have to undertake laborious efforts for that purpose, since, for the time being, there exists a lack of reference model or framework which indicates where and how in the software process usability needs to be considered. They also have to overcome(More)
Techniques from the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) field have been used for the development of usable software products for a long time, but their use is often not integrated with software engineering practices. In this work we describe an approach for bridging the gap between software engineering and HCI, by offering orientation to software practitioners(More)
In this paper the most relevant works related to software process are reviewed. Software process modelling tries to capture the main characteristics of the set of activities performed to obtain a software product, and a variety of models have been created for this purpose. A process model can be used to define a recommended software process. This paper(More)
Usability is increasingly recognized as a quality attribute that one has to explicitly deal with during development. Nevertheless, usability techniques, when applied, are decoupled from the software development process. The host of techniques offered by the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) field make the task of selecting the most appropriate ones for a(More)
There is increasing pressure on developers to produce usable systems, which requires the use of appropriate methods to support user centred design during development. There is currently no consistent advice on which methods are appropriate in which circumstances, so the selection of methods relies on individual experience and expertise. Considerable effort(More)
La usabilidad es un tema que está cobrando una importancia cada vez mayor en el desarrollo de software. A pesar de ello, la Ingeniería del Software sigue centrándose casi exclusivamente en atributos del software más relacionados con el interior del sistema, como el rendimiento o la fiabilidad. En el entorno actual, en el que los sistemas software están(More)